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Texas Independence Trails

texas independence trailIn the saga of Texas history, no period is so distinctive, so accented by epic events, as the interval of Texas’ struggle for independence and its formative years as a sovereign republic. Climactic dates from that era are still celebrated as holidays by Texans. The period’s heroes are remembered in the names of cites and town, streets, plazas, and public buildings. The Lone Star flag, inherited from the republic, flies prominently throughout the state.

Compared with the scope of twentieth-century distances and population, the stage upon which those small groups of early patriots cast their lot for Texas freedom was a relatively limited area. Most of that area is surveyed by the Texas Independence Trail.

But the Trail is far more than a history route. Although the sites of strife…landscapes that witnessed triumph and tragedy…appear repeatedly along Trail miles, they are only historical threads that link a modern odyssey of discovery through one of the state’s most rewarding regions for travelers. Trail drivers will discover coastal playgrounds along the blue Gulf of Mexico, abundant visitor attractions in Texas’ largest city, some genuine ghost towns, the headquarters for America’s astronauts, towns where the accents of European settlers are still prominent, a rare botanical park, and much, much more.

Because of space limitations, descriptions are devoted mainly to the driving route. It is advised that Trail drivers obtain a free copy of the Texas State Travel Guide, which provides complementary details about points of interest n many of the cities and towns along the route. An Official Highway Travel Map will also be useful. They can be obtained from any Texas Travel Information Center or by calling 1-800-452-9292. For even more information about local accommodations, campgrounds, and tourist activities, visit the chambers of commerce in the town, or call them before leaving on this exciting and informative trip.

The Trail’s starting point is the city of Houston, the major metropolitan area on the route. The Trail description is then presented in a clockwise direction. However, the Trail may be begun at any point and driven in either direction by carefully consulting the supplement’s map and the descriptive text. See the map’s legend for information about special Trail signs and arrows on the highway.


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