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Port Lavaca

Port LavacaSeat of Calhoun County, on a bluff overlooking Lavaca Bay; important center for commercial and pleasure fishing, ranching and agriculture; port facilities and diversified industries. Miles of nearby swimming beaches, abundant bait and tackle shops, boat ramps. Waterfowl hunting during the season.

Calhoun County Museum

Relics, artifacts and mementos of early days in the area. Housed in courthouse annex. 201 West Austin Street.

Halfmoon Reef Lighthouse

Established in 1858 on Matagorda Bay. Kept Dark During the War Between the States for Benefit of Blockade Runners, Was Reactivated in 1868. Severely Damaged in `1942 Hurricane, but Keeper Kept Light Operating. Condemned Following Storm and Moved in 1943 from Location on Ww Ii Bombing Range to Point Comfort. Moved Again in `979 to Site Next to Chamber of Commerce. Texas 35 Bypass Near Causeway.

Indianola County Historic Park

At the Site of Old Indianola Town. Down Through History Many Ghost Towns Nave Dotted the Texas Landscape, but None Lived Longer, Thrived More Successfully – nor Died More Tragically than Indianola on Matagorda/lavaca Bays. Picnicking, Fishing, Boat Ramp, Camping (with Hookups); 13 Miles Southeast via Texas 238 and 316.

La Salle Monument

Erected at The Site of Indianola to Commemorate Where La Salle Is Thought to Have First Landed N Texas in 1685. Entire Memorial Is of Kingsland Pink Granite, 22 Feet in Height. Highway Rest Area Is Adjacent to Monument, About 14 Miles South on Texas 316.

Port Lavaca Causeway State Recreation Park

Old Highway Causeway, Replaced by A Modern Span, Now Is a Popular Lighted Fishing Pier Extending 3,202 Feet Into Lavaca Bay. Swimming, boating and saltwater fishing. Facilities include snack bar, bait stand and rest rooms. Port Lavaca City Park at base of pier has boat ramp, picnicking and recreational vehicle facilities. Free for pier use. Alongside Texas 35 causeway.

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