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Baytown texas

Grew from small sawmill and store settlement in 2824; among early settlers was Nathaniel Lynch who set up Lynchburg Ferry in 1822. Confederate shipyard established nearby at mouth of Goose Creek in 1864; oil discovered in 1916. Industries today feature oil refineries, petrochemicals, synthetic rubber. Recreational facilities for sailing, saltwater fishing, and water sorts activities. Home of lee College.




  • BAYTOWN HISTORICAL MUSEUM – Artifacts pertaining to local and pioneer history. 220 West Defee Street Baytown, TX 77520
  • HOUSTON RACEWAY PARK – A 440 acre drag racing complex with races every Wed. and Sat. night (Dec – Mar. Wed & Sun.) At 2525 F.M. 5656 South.
  • LYNCHBURG FERRY – Shuttles travelers across the mouth of the San Jacinto River. In operation since 1822. West of city.
  • PARKS – Bicentennial Park features outdoor theater and hosts annual July 4th celebration and other outdoor concerts. Lee Drive and Market Streets.Gray Sports Complex includes lighted ballfield, lighted tennis courts, nature trails, picnic area and playground. 5200 East Road.Republic of Texas Plaza was dedicated during the sesquicentennial and features statue of Ashbel Smith, one of the city’s early settlers and leader for advancement of education in Texas. Historical market in city identifies Smith’s home “Evergreen,” overlooking Tabbs Bay.
  • WALLISVILLE HERITAGE PARK – Displays and artifacts of Spanish Mission Nuestra Senora de la Luz and Presidio San Agustin de Ahumada, 1756 – 1771; vintage saddle-making tools, hardware; area history; Adjacent restored 1869 school contains genealogical/historical library.
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