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Alis TXAlice is the seat of Jim Wells County. Founded in 1888 as depot on the San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway, first called Kleberg, later named after the daughter of one of the founders of famed King Ranch. The town is the dividing point between brush country to the west and coastal plains to the east; also between the border region and rest of Texas. Oil was discovered in the 1930s, and the town became the hub of petroleum business while maintaining traditional farming and livestock industries. Beefmaster cattle breed was developed here.

The town’s life-style is outdoor oriented. Ten city parks offer sports fields, tennis courts, swimming pools and an 18 hole municipal golf course. Outdoor band concerts on summer evenings. Hunters seek white-tailed deer, javelina, wild turkey, quail and dove.

South Texas Museum

Small museum focuses on distinctive history and traditions of this South Texas region. Exhibits trace habitation from American Indian to 20th Century farm, ranch, railroad, and oil activities, with emphasis on pioneer ranch and household artifacts. Includes mounted wildlife and livestock specimens.

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