General.. the population is 360 and the Alt. is 1,400 Uvalde County

The rural community dating from 1852 remains a quiet village serving resident farmers and ranchers, as well as an influx of sportsmen during hunting season. Local inquiry will provide directions to several historic sites, including the simple white-frame Utopia Methodist Church, built in 1890 and still in regular use. Behind the church is a grove of native pecan trees where traditional dinners-on-the-grounds and camp meetings have been held for more than a century. Sparkling spring water is bottled here and distributed around the world. On FM 1050 at the west edge of Utopia is a small, neat community park in a grove of live oaks by a small lake on the Sabinal River.
Camping areas, screened shelters, cooking pits, and picnic tables are available. The scope and time scale of erosion are evident here, in this broad valley carved from monumental hills by such a small, insignificant looking stream as the Sabinal.