Pop. 647

Alt. 155


Known as the "Birthplace of Anglo-American Settlement in Texas," San Felipe de Austin was named for Stephen F. Austin, who located his first Texas colonists here in 1823. Historic village was home of Texas' first English-language newspaper (the "Gazette", 1829), origin of Texas postal system, and saw beginning of legendary Texas Rangers. Location of Conventions of 1832 and 1833, and Consultation of 1835 - meetings that led to Texas Declaration of Independence. Community razed by fire and occupied by Santa Anna's invading Mexican army in 1836, restored after Texan victory at San Jacinto. Stephen F. Austin Park Association operates information center at San Felipe Post Office where literature and information are available.

San Felipe lies on I-10, segment of the Ports to Plains Highway connecting the state's heartland to coastal ports.

City is pivotal point on the Texas Pioneer Trail covering four-country area. For additional information and map, contact the local information center.


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