Pop. 2,430

Alt. 304


Known as "The Cradle of Texas," history walks the street here. Located on historic "El Camino Real" (the Royal Highway, now Texas 21 in this area). Sam Houston walked here; Davy Crockett was feted on his way to the Alamo; and J. Pinckney Henderson, Texas' first governor, lived here when San Augustine was the eastern gateway to Texas. Several church congregations lay claim as Texas' oldest: Presbyterian, Episcopal and Methodist (24 miles east, five miles north of Milam). All features are too numerous to list here, but the chamber of commerce can provide details and directions for drive-by views of many cites. Chamber is open Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 611 west Columbia Street.

Angelina National Forest

El Camino Real

Ezekial W. Cullen Home

Mission Senora de los Dolores de los Ais

Old Town Well

Sabine National Forest


ANGELINA NATIONAL FOREST.-.Nearest entrance about 1 miles south on Texas 147.

EL CAMINO REAL.-.Spanish for the Royal Highway, also called Old San Antonio Road, the first "interstate" (actually international) highway system in North America. In this area Texas 21 follows the old route laid out about 1690 from St. Augustine , Florida to San Antonio, Texas and Mexico City, Mexico.

EZEKIEL W. CULLEN HOME.-.An early judge of the First District Court of Texas. Cullen lived in this large house of Greek Revival style, the entire upper floor a ballroom. The 1839 structure is open Mondays thru Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. Located at Congress and Market streets.

MISSION SENORA de los DOLORES de los Ais.-.Also known as Dolores Mission, was established in 1716 by the Domingo Ramon expedition. Abandoned due to the French invasion in 1719, restored in 1721 and became headquarters for Zacatecan missions in East Texas. Abandoned in 1773 when Spanish evacuated all East Texas missions. Today only historical markers identify the site four blocks south of courthouse on Texas 147.

OLD TOWN WELL.-.Dug to a depth of 27 feet by slave labor in 1860, supplied citizens as well a travelers on ( the Royal Highway) . Restored, complete with sweetgum roller, hand-wrought iron handle and oaken bucket, located in RN. Stripling's downtown drugstore.

SABINE NATIONAL FOREST.-.the nearest entrance is about five miles east on F.M. 353.

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