Pop. 1,177

Alt. 695


This is a charming village on I-35 south of Temple in Central Texas dates from Texas' early days. The town grew around the Sterling C. Robertson home and plantation, and was incorporated in 1867. Named for Salado (salty) Creek, the town prospered with the founding of Salado College in 1860, and was prominent on the Chisholm Trail.. The first farmer's Grange in Texas established 1873, but was by-passed by the railroad, the late 19th Century's ultimate transportation mode. The college closed and the town dwindled to the status of an isolated village.

Today, visitors find a fascinating variety of shops; art galleries, antiques, crafts, and women's fashions. Several outstanding craftsmen and artists reside in Salado. Also, excellent restaurants and drive-by historic sites. Eighteen listings on the National Register of Historic Homes.

The chamber of commerce can provide additional information by calling 817-947-5040.

There are bed and breakfast accommodations offered in historic buildings.

Central Texas Area Museum

Pace Park

Stagecoach Inn


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