Population 10,869

Altitude 596



Rockwall is located on the shores of 22,745 acre Lake Ray Hubbard, about 30 miles east of Dallas on I-30. It is a city grown rich in heritage and thriving on the pioneer co-operative spirit. Beginning with the friendly Caddo Indians who inhabited the town site in the 1840's, it has always been a welcoming place. Heads of households who migrated by mule drawn ox carts qualified for homestead grants by possessing three hunting dogs, one good shooting iron and 100 rounds of ammunition. The early settlers discovered not only black, fertile, prairie soil, but underneath uncovered a mysterious underground rock wall whose construction has been variously attributed to prehistoric man, a natural phenomenon or sand dikes created by the Balcones Fault.

The town was named after the legendary rockwall, indicative of the belief the founding father had in its enduring qualities as a basis for growth. Rockwall is one of those unique Texas towns that is a haven for the tired and weary of bustling big city life such as Dallas, and a welcoming place for men and women with a vision of the future.

Rockwall is a blend of historic structures and historic 19th Century storefronts on the town square that surround the historic courthouse constructed of native stone. The courtesies and small town concerned personal service of the first merchants are still extended. Two newspapers, one more than a hundred years old, report people and business news and advertise the value and variety of goods which make trip to the metropolitan regional malls a short distance away totally unnecessary except as recreational excursions. A variety of wonderfully restaruants can whet the appetites of the seeker of barbecues, a quiet romantic setting, or a gourmet meal.

Very few, if any cities, possess the charm of this wonderful city located in the smallest county in Texas! There are two golf courses, two yacht clubs, several marinas, tennis courts galore, and a laid back, relaxing lifestyle that helps form a wonderful community spirit. Even though the town is growing it has still managed to hold on to the "small town" atmosphere that is so attractive to those wanting to escape larger metropolitan areas. The schools, businesses, the churches, the location, and the friendly people all contribute to Rockwall being not only a wonderful place to visit, but, perhaps, THE place to live!!

If you are interested in more detailed information about business, homes, or manufacturing opportunities please feel free to contact The Rockwall Chamber of Commerce, 513 East I-30, P.O. Box 92, Rockwall, Texas, 75087. Or call 972-771-5733.

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