General.. The population is 498 and the altitude is 2,570

(KIT - a - KWAY) Originally was site of trading post dealing with Plains Indians; it became a stagecoach stop in 1890 and grew to village serving surrounding ranches and farms. Named for nearby Quitaqe Creek and Ranch.


- Park covers 13,960 acres in one of the state’s most scenic regions. Erosion has carved spectacular landscapes at the edge of the Cap Rock (local terminology for the High Plains) colorful cliffs and canyons, abundant wildlife including African acoudad sheep, mule deer and golden eagles. Park visitors enjoy sightseeing, hiking, trails, picnicking, fishing and swimming in 100 acres lake. Some primitive campsites, some with hookups. Located 3.5 miles north of Quitaque on Exit 1065.


- It runs 64.25 miles through Floyd, Briscoe, and Hill Countries. It moves through cultivated fields of the Texas High Plains, drops into rugged canons of the Caprock Escarpment, and winds down in the famous Red River Valley. A unique feature along the trail near the Escarpment is a 1,000 foot abandoned railroad tunnel, which is on the National Register of Historic Places as one of only a few such tunnels in Texas.