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As most everybody is aware there were a lot of cattle drives starting in Texas on the Old Chisholm Trail. We are told that the chuck wagon was invented by Charles Goodnight, whose nickname was "Chuck". Anyway, underneath the wagons there is a kind of long bar that was invented by some unknown chuckwagon cook.

This bar was kinda like our modern

day torsion bar except it helped to keep the wagon from literally falling apart on the trail. Now, some enterprising cookie decided he needed to make some extra money. So, he merely unfastened the bar and hung the washing that he took in from the "pokes" Later on, he decided that when the punchers got back from their long treks taking the cattle to their railroad destination, they might be interested in buying some new jeans, shirts, chaps, or what have you. So, he took his underbar and fastened the drygoods he had for sale on them. Thus, we have the legend of Texas -On- Line!

The bar was used as a kinda metal clothesline..This became the first shopping mall in the entire world! Now, we have been told that legends are merely a literary license to lie. You be the judge...

But, enter our Texas On Line where you will find the most interesting, exciting, and useful array of trivia, games, goods, services, to ever be offered on a world wide basis. God Bless and Happy Trails to You and Yours,Judy, Jim, Tim, Jamie, Oreo and the rest of the cookies!!!

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