Population 2,990

Altitude 1,029


Founded in 1855, on the clear, spring-fed Llano River, the town of Llano became the county seat in 1856. Well established by 1860 with stores, saloons and a hotel, there was no church in the rough frontier village. Llano courthouse dates from 1892.

Brief boom of industrial speculation followed iron ore discovery in 1880s, but commercial ore quantity proved elusive, as did other mining ventures for asbestos, copper, graphite, lead, magnesium, and zinc. Llanite, a unique type of dark pink granite with inclusions of sky-blue quartz crystals, is found nowhere else in the world.

The present farm-ranch community in scenic Hill Country bills itself the "Deer Capital of Texas" and hosts many hunters seeking abundant white tailed deer during fall-winter season. Year-round fishing in picturesque Llano River and nearby Highland Lakes. Entire downtown square is designated a National Historic District.


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