Population 48

Altitude 2,440


On F.M. 170 at the western edge of Big Bend National Park, the village name is Spanish for "flagstones," of which there are prominent outcroppings in the area. First became a village in 1915 when an Army post was stationed to protect Big Bend area form flamboyant Mexican bandit Francisco (Pancho) Villa.

Recent developments feature a modern motel and resort complex with golf course, river rafting, swimming pools, tennis courts, horseback riding, restaurant, and genuine-looking "frontier" building styles with plank sidewalks and hitching rails. Inquire locally about all facilities. Caters to visitors year round; winter season most popular. 915/424-3471.

Big Bend National Park-Some 20 miles east of Lajitas on F.M. 170. See BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK.


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