Population 50,067

Altitude 36


Named for a city in the Netherlands; incorporated n 1905. From its beginning a transportation and distribution hub for the rich lower Rio Grande Valley. In the subtropical tip of Texas, visitors are lured by balmy temperatures throughout most of the year, landscapes edged by palm trees and flaming bougainvillea, the nearness of enchanting Old Mexico, and proximity to surf-washed Gulf beaches. There's almost always a harvest in progress - peas, carrots, lettuce, spinach or cabbage; in winter, a bounty of oranges and prized Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit is returning after the disastrous 1989 freeze; in summer, tons of cotton, sugar cane and grain.

Visit the chamber of commerce at 311 East Tyler Street for details about area attractions and activities. The Harlingen Tourist Center, at 201 E. Madison Street is the social headquarters for winter visitors form mid-November to mid April.

Near the city's Industrial Air Park is the Marine Military Academy, a prep school dedicated to U.S. Marine Corps traditions, and the Rio Grande Campus of Texas State Technical College.








Child and Day Care Providers

Registered Child-Care Home Alma Villarreal 2226 S. 23rd Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-423-2061
Registered Child-Care Home Altagracia Montanez 1917 E. Jackson Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-425-6944
Licensed Child-Care Home AURORA'S DAY CARE 3201 ARAGUZ HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-412-8110
Licensed Child-Care Center Blocks For Tots Preschool 1301 E. TAYLOR HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-428-4887
Licensed Child-Care Center Bonita Park Head Start CDC 601 S RANGERVILLE RD APT 29-30 HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-423-0984
Licensed Child-Care Center Busy Like Bee's Child Dev. Ctr. 7-A Montezuma Rd. Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-428-8596
Licensed Child-Care Center Calvary Christian Day Care Center 1815 N 7TH ST HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-425-1425
Registered Child-Care Home Candida Trevino Salazar 414 E. Taft Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-536-6521
Licensed Child-Care Center Centro De Fe Day Care 2010 LASALLE HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-412-8745
Licensed Child-Care Center Child Care Center of Harlingen 104 W. Taylor Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-412-2550
Registered Child-Care Home Christal Lynne Becker 930 A. Live Oak Circle Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-421-4382
Registered Child-Care Home Claudia Garza Coronado 3710 Los Alamos Circle Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-245-4137
Licensed Child-Care Center Clouds of Dreams Day Care 3302 N. 77 Sunshine Strip Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-428-6060
Registered Child-Care Home Courtney Capri Junkin 1801 Evergreen Court Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-742-9955
Licensed Child-Care Center Early Childhood Education 602 MORGAN BOULEVARD HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-425-6330
Licensed Child-Care Center For Kids Only 1201 E VAN BUREN HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-428-7011
Registered Child-Care Home Galaviz, Maria 212 East Polk Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-412-5067
Licensed Child-Care Center Harlingen Child Development Center 701 E. Madison Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-423-2550
Licensed Child-Care Center JELLYBEANS EDUCATIONAL DAYCARE CENTER 2208 Camelot Plaza Circle Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-425-2929
Licensed Child-Care Center Kid's Kastle Love and Learning 1422 BALL ST. HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-423-6129
Licensed Child-Care Center Kid's Kastle Love and Learning #2 1820 Morgan Blvd Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-412-3218
Licensed Child-Care Center Kids Carrousel Day Care 625 MARKOWSKY HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-412-1898
Licensed Child-Care Center Kids Kingdom Child Development Center 3313 E. HARRISON HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-444-0717
Licensed Child-Care Center Kids Playhouse 1318 HAVERFORD HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-423-6512
Licensed Child-Care Center Kids' Casa at Valley Baptist Medical Cen 2220 Haine Dr. Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-425-8919
Licensed Child-Care Home Kidsville Day Care 217 W. Cleveland Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-440-1344
Licensed Child-Care Center Le Moyne Gardens Headstart 24TH ST APT 24/25 HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-412-1901
Licensed Child-Care Center Little Lou's A.B.C. Day Care Center 1813 Bell St. Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-440-9885
Licensed Child-Care Center Little Tot's Day Care Center 1814 MORGAN BLVD HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-425-5973
Licensed Child-Care Home Little Tot's Depot 401 N. "L" ST. HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-428-7007
Licensed Child-Care Center Little Treasures North Child Development Center 1501 N. 28TH ST. HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-412-9950
Licensed Child-Care Center Los Vecinos 702 SOUTH M STREET APT 309&310 HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-412-0521
Registered Child-Care Home Lucinda Mendez 21748 Schmoker Road HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-428-1390
Registered Child-Care Home Maria Villafranca 814 W. Buchanan Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-423-9200
Licensed Child-Care Home Mary's Little Lambs Child Care 109 McGregor St. Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-491-2934
Licensed Child-Care Center Melas Day Care Center 622 STRAUSS LANE HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-423-0861
Registered Child-Care Home MINERVA GONZALEZ 2408 E WASHINGTON HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-425-7910
Licensed Child-Care Center Montessori Academy 3943 BOURBON HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-423-5050
Licensed Child-Care Center Mothers Morning Out 321 E HARRISON HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-423-0540
Licensed Child-Care Center Nazarene Child Care Center 2001 NORTH 7TH STREET HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-425-2903
Licensed Child-Care Center Play and Learn Day Care Center 1701 East Van Buren Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-425-3527
Registered Child-Care Home Senaida Leal 1034 Alcott Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-423-2189
Licensed Child-Care Center Sierra Child Development Day Care Center, INC. 702 East Jefferson Street Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-200-4865
Licensed Child-Care Center St. Albans Day Care Center 1417 AUSTIN HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-428-2326
Licensed Child-Care Center Star Day Care 421 E TYLER HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-428-2774
Licensed Child-Care Home Sunnyville Day Care 1217 E. Tyler Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-440-1650
Licensed Child-Care Center The Little Red Schoolhouse Child Dev Ctr 1502 Dixieland Harlingen, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-423-5860
Licensed Child-Care Center TSTC Child Development Headstart 2702 DOGWOOD HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-425-5292
Licensed Child-Care Center Wesley Preparatory School 1406 E AUSTIN HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-440-0485
Licensed Child-Care Center Zavala Child Development Head Start Center 421 LAFAYETTE STREET HARLINGEN, TX 78550 CAMERON 956-365-3685
Registered Child-Care Home Bertha A. Cabrera 2209 Arbor Harlingen, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-428-7797
Registered Child-Care Home Cynthia Garcia 1108 RANGERVILLE RD. HARLINGEN, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-423-1452
Licensed Child-Care Home Just Kids Day Care 322 IOWA HARLINGEN, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-412-3631
Licensed Child-Care Home KID'S DAY CARE 301 RANGERVILLE HARLINGEN, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-425-7332
Licensed Child-Care Home KIDS COUNTRY DAY CARE 15954 DRURY LANE HARLINGEN, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-428-5862
Licensed Child-Care Center Learning Garden 16407 Wilson Rd. Harlingen, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-423-2283
Licensed Child-Care Center Martha's Kidsville Day Care Center 1102 Rangerville Rd. Harlingen, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-412-8148
Licensed Child-Care Center Martha's Playschool 5300 S. Expressway 83 Harlingen, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-423-0753
Licensed Child-Care Home NANAS LITTLE DARLINGS 25401 LEWIS LANE UNIT 1 HARLINGEN, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-428-2874
Licensed Child-Care Center Noah's Ark Rainbow Learning Center 14466 Business 83 Harlingen, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-423-5437
Licensed Child-Care Center Primera Early Childhood CORNER OF PRIMERA AND OSCAR PRIMERA, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-423-2230
Licensed Child-Care Center Primera Early Learning Center 23823 Wilcox Rd Harlingen, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-412-3430
Registered Child-Care Home Rebecca E. Mata 26825 S. Altas Palmas Rd. Harlingen, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-425-2940
Licensed Child-Care Center Shooting Star Learning Center 1646 Throckmorton Harlingen, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-428-2565
Licensed Child-Care Home Tina's Fun Time Group Day Care Home 2622 Calle Condesa Harlingen, TX 78552 CAMERON 956-423-0763