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Ellis Catering Company is a family owned and operated business located in Royse City, Texas. The Ellis family are native Texans who have had roots in the small town ofRoyse City since the late 1880's.


* Prices startat $7.25 per plate for any two meat choices. Minimum 50 people. Price contingent upon distance to be travelled.

*To be cooked on site

Quoted prices include quality disposable plates, eating utensils, napkins and cups. Also includes catering equipment and serving utensils.

Services or buffet attendants, table buffet, and cloth for buffet table are included in the quoted prices.

Applicable sales tax will apply.

Prices are subject to change.

Rental Equipment
(available for additional charge)
Tents, Tables, Chairs

Customized Menus
Our staff will be happy to assist you with your special requests. Contact our office for quotation on our customized menus.

Prices quoted are based on a specified number of guests. Should your group be less than or greater than the specified number indicated, contact our office for special price quotations.

Ellis Catering Company

Royse City, Texas 75189

2001 South FM 548

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